All Top Destinations And Quality Hotels Of The World At A Glance

FAQ by travelers

1. What is this website all about?

The idea behind this website is to have all good hotels and travel destinations at a glance instead looking for them grindingly. Exactly 1,000 hotels and 1,000 destinations are considered so that you don't lose the overlook and still have a great choice for the next trip somewhere in the world.

2. So what is a star or triangle on the map exactly?

A star or triangle is a link to the website of a hotel or destination. You can move the mouse over the star or triangle to get a first impression. If you like what you see you can open the link, visit the hotel or destination, inform yourself about it and even book a room on the website of the hotel directly. 
Or you can go to the website of the destinations and make reservations for all kind of activities (sightseeing tours, theaters etc.).

3. How do you know that a trip to one of these hotels is worth the money?

Each hotel which wants to rent a star for the map is checked thoroughly by reading the independent reviews of people who were already guests in those hotels on websites like Travelpost, Hotelsuperportal, Hotelshark, Hoteltravelcheck and Tripadvisor. But I also check the reviews of hotel visitors on non-English websites like Hotelcheck and Holidaycheck. As you can see I don't rely on one website only. If several people recommend a hotel to others then the application of the hotel will be accepted. If people complain about it and say it is not worth the money the hotel has no chance to apply for a star. Famous hotels like the Waldorf Astoria in New York or the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai have less problems to rent a star but they are also not immune against the tough judgements of hotel guests  .

4. How long can a star stay on the map?

A hotel can rent a star for at least one year. Some hotels probably won't extend the rental and thus new hotels will appear on the map time and again. By this means the hotels and the position of the stars on the map will change and you will always find new ideas for your next travel and vacation. 

5. How long can a triangle stay on the map?

A destination (city, natural park etc.) can also rent a triangle for at least one year. Some destinations probably won't extend the rental and thus new destinations will also appear on the map again and again, there will always be new destinations and new ideas for your next travel and vacation

6. Do these hotels and destinations really belong to the Top 1000?

No, it is rather meant symbolic, the unofficial Top 1,000 hotels  and destinations of the world so to speak. But it would be also quite difficult to find the official Top 1,000 hotels or destinations. The "Top 1,000 destinations" refers rather to the quality and the location of these hotels and to the unique character of the destinations.

7. What is a hotel with a good reputation?

That's a hotel recommended by former guests although it is not very expensive. But its friendly and obliging staff, the clean rooms, the tasteful furnishings, the excellent food and of course the beautiful or exciting surrounding makes the hotel worth a trip. Nonetheless the hotel should not have less than three stars. 

8. What is an unique destination?

Well, that's hard to explain. I'll give you some examples: Cities like Rome or London, resorts like Acapulco with its cliff divers  in Mexico or the sophisticated St. Moritz in Switzerland.
National parks are always an unique destination and deserve definitely a triangle on the world map. There are famous national parks like the Yellowstone National Park in the USA with its famous geysers. But there are also less famous national parks which deserve to be visited and a triangle on the map.                                                            

FAQ by cities, natural parks etc. and hoteliers

1. What is this website all about?

This website gives hoteliers the chance to make more guests becoming interested in their hotels with an unique idea just by renting a star for the map. This star represents the hotel, provides a first impression and is a link to the homepage of the hotel. 

And this website gives also a destination the chance to attract more tourists. The triangle represents the destination and shows first impressions.

2. Why should I rent a star for my hotel?

First of all, it is an unique and original idea and your hotel would be part of this new idea from the very beginning.

Secondly, this is advertising for your hotel. And travelers also don't have to look grindingly for an apposite hotel in travel agencies or have to rummage hundreds of websites to find the good hotel they are looking for. They just have to move the mouse over a star to see whether the hotel is the one they are looking for or not. It's that simple.

Thirdly, the stars cannot be rented for all hotels but for good and very good hotels only, hotels with three and more stars and good reviews. So people know that if they come to this website they have a very good chance to find the hotel that they are looking for. If you want to rent a star you should review your hotel carefully and ask your guests whether they would like to come back again or not because I will also check the hotel reviews of guests on websites like the ones mentioned in the left column.

3. Why should I rent a triangle?

The triangle is a fingerpost to your travel destination, a chance to attract more tourists to your resort, national park, city etc. There are so many places worldwide where tourists and travelers can have a good time but people have really a hard time making the right decision with so many options. This website should make their decisions easier to find an unique place for the next vacation.

4. How much do I have to pay for the rental of a star or triangle?

You have to pay 10 only to rent a star for one year;  for the advertising of your hotel in the internet.
Special offer! Scroll down for more information!

You have to pay 10 only to rent a triangle for a resort, city or town or national park etc.
Special offer! Scroll down for more information!

5. Isn't even 10 a little bit too much for a tiny star on a map?

Well, it looks like a lot of money but don't forget that travel agencies also demand  money to send travelers and tourists to your hotel. And here you have the chance to get in direct contact with the customer without any agency. 
Offer: This is not only an unique idea but also new website. The success of it is not certain and you might have some doubts too whether an investment of 10 is really worth the money. But in order to make your decision easier I will charge NOTHING for the first one thousand hotels and for the first year. During the first year you can decide whether you want to extend the rental or not, depending on the success of this website.
The first one thousand destinations can rent a triangle for free for the first year too.

6. What if I transfer 10 to your account and nothing happens, no star, no triangle, no map, no anything but the money is gone?

Well, that would be very stupid because I would bungle a good business idea. No other hotel or tourist place would rent a star or triangle anymore and I would lose thousands of euros instead making a good business, say nothing of the juristic consequences.





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